What is Aspire?

Aspire is an online survey which provides reports on your organisation's "health". These reports are based on each individual's perception of the 11 Organisational Areas and 8 Values. The survey will reveal key strengths and weaknesses, areas for growth and will give you a clear idea of what is going on with people at their level and beyond. The aim of Aspire is to help you keep focused on godliness, to maintain professional excellence and help unlock potential.

Aspire provides a fresh, easy, yet comprehensive way to look at your organisation's effectiveness and ethos.

The Aspire Model:

Organisational Areas

The 11 organisational areas analysed are:

Leadershipstyle of leadership, values, conflict resolution, communication, accountability
Teamworking together, empowerment, team leading
Peoplewell-being, motivation, loyalty, job satisfaction
Missionachieving purpose, external buy-in and understanding
Changehow this is handled and understood by all
Capacityallocation and use of resources, decision making structures,right people and processes
Developmentpersonal, professional training and development and appraisals
Governancequality and focus of governance, trustee meetings
Recognitionfinancial and personal reward, appropriate to the Christian ethos
FoundationsChrist-centredness, prayer, culture, key values
Ideas Captureasking for ideas for innovation and improvement

The 8 values are:

Christ-centrednessJesus Christ at the centre of everything. Prayer and worship
Integrityin who we are and what we do, values lived out internally and externally
Interdependencehealthy relationships, teamwork
Inclusivityfairness and belonging, no favourites, open communications
Individual awarenessvaluing each other and respecting each individual
Qualityquality, excellence, efficiency and effectiveness
Stewardshipwise handling of resources, people and finances
Right conductappropriate behaviour and attitudes