About Aspire

Aspire is an organisational development tool enabling you to obtain internal feedback on your organisation and to monitor the effectiveness of your Christian values in the workplace. It offers analysis and reports to enable you to find out how effective your organisation is in its:

  • leadership
  • relationships
  • communication processes
  • training and development of staff
  • recruitment and resourcing processes
  • remuneration and recognition processes
  • christian foundations
  • wellbeing and stress management
  • values and organisational culture
  • integrity
  • team working
  • concern for individuals
  • governance
  • efficiency and resource allocation
  • service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Christ-Centredness

By looking closely at who you are and what you do from different people's perspectives, you will see how to achieve greater godliness in the way you behave and function, and you will see how to improve your professional excellence.

How might this change my Christian organisation?

  • You will get a 360 degree feedback and the reports needed to compare perceptions of different people within your organisation
  • You will get a report of teams under stress or with low morale and retention risk.
  • You will be able to give evidence that you meet 2003 legislation as an organisation based on religion (i.e. you can justify your Occupational Requirements (ORS) as introduced by Employment Equality Regulations 2003)
  • You will be able to set benchmarks and evaluate yourself as a good Christian employer
  • You will reduce risk and get evidence to meet SORP requirements, that you are a Christian organisation working in accordance with your objects
  • You will be able to build towards, or build on, IIP
  • You will have clear reports and recommendations to raise future standards, effectiveness and excellence, as well as an Aspire Adviser who can help you make action plans and fully evaluate your reports
  • Aspire could provide some clear answers to your organisation's own particular issues - whether these are related to your Christian values and ethos, or whether they concern operations, staff and building a team
  • Aspire will give leaders confidence and concrete evidence that they and their organisation are "on the right track" in aiming towards greater Christian excellence
  • Aspire will demonstrate to staff that the organisation they work for takes Christian values and how they are put into action seriously and are willing to listen, learn and move forward.

What you will get:

  • Access for as many people as you wish in your organisation to complete the Aspire online questionnaires
  • A full set of comprehensive reports, with in-depth analysis of all the questionnaire results for your organisation
  • Time from an Aspire Accredited Adviser


Aspire already gives you a comprehensive overview of your organisation, its effectiveness and its Christian values in action, but we realise that there may be some organisational specifics that you would like to explore. That's where AspirePLUS comes in. In addition to the complete Aspire assessment, AspirePLUS gives you the option to add-in certain questions that would be unique to your organisation or its stage of development. This could be used for:

  • Asking questions related to the unique vision and mission of your organisation
  • Exploring issues related to how you have articulated your organisational culture
  • Assessing perceived progress on a strategic initiative
  • Understanding organisational reality in particular areas, ahead of a change initiative

Although these questions can't be analysed in the same way as the Aspire data in the final report, you will have all the richness of the compiled responses given.

The adviser

We believe that to get the most out of the Aspire reports requires a level of expertise and understanding of organisational development, in order to interpret them fully. As part of the Aspire package we provide access to some professional advice to help in drawing conclusions from the Aspire reports. This may be in the form of a visit or telephone support, as appropriate for your organisation.

Your Aspire Adviser can:

  • Help you to gain an in-depth understanding of your Aspire reports
  • Discuss the implications for your organisation of both the reports and further analysis of your results from the Aspire questionnaire that they will provide
  • Help you to decide (a) what areas / values / behaviours (if any) need improvement in your organisation, and (b) how you can get started on making appropriate changes
  • provide you with a short report summarising the decisions you have discussed, and emphasising the key areas for development that you should build into an action plan for getting the best possible ongoing benefit from Aspire.


Please contact us for current prices. Pricing covers the costs of processing and analysing your results and a feedback session with an Aspire Adviser. We aim to make Aspire as widely available as possible.