"Aspire - Brilliant, Fantastic, Meaningful, Challenging, Insightful. We want more of it! Doing Aspire made me think, it gave me a new perspective on things in the organisation that I thought I had a handle on, it challenged me and us to do things differently."

Chief Executive Norfolk YMCA

Staff Engagement
High Performing Teams
Leadership & Management
Conflict Management
Christ Centredness
Living your Values

The Aspire process is designed to evaluate and encourage Christian organisations to maintain excellence at work. It looks at the motivation, values and approach of individuals to your mission. Detailed feedback and reports provide fresh insight into your internal "health" and an adviser helps you interpret and decide what to do with the results.

Aspire is suitable for small and large organisations. It examines key organisational areas such as change, teams and governance but also incorporates Christian values such as individual awareness, stewardship and integrity. It is flexible and informative. A must for all striving for excellence.